Save Hollywood Park

Prestige, History, Beauty

Local Community Benefits

 With Hollywood Park gone from the area, the west side of Los Angeles will be without any attractions for visitors.  The fiscal impact of losing an establishment which draws in millions of dollars would be a mistake for the local area and provides thousands of good paying jobs.

Does Inglewood want to lose this?

Hollywood Park gives the local residents something more than minimum wage, part-time opportunities.  By eliminating these decent paying jobs, you drive down all aspects of living and working in the area.

Hollywood Park has contributed to the community of Inglewood with charitible events, job fairs, donations to schools and with other philanthropic endeavors.  According to Hollywood Park Charities, Inc., the charitable arm of Hollywood Park annually contributes approximately $300,000 to charities and non-profit organizations.  Hollywood Park supports the Inglewood Unified School District, hosts a college fair, the annual Snow Day in December and Scout-O-Rama. The Inglewood Little League, Crippled Childrens' Society and the Red Cross also benefit from the support of Hollywood Park. 

Hollywood Park has received the Good Corporate Citizen Award from the Inglewood Business Organization Network for it's continued support of the area's charitable organizations.  The First Annual Business of the Year Award was awarded to Hollywood Park in 2000 by the Inglewood/Airport Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Although the local community has seen better times in the past,  a revitalization of the local area with a focus on luring tourists for racing, would greatly benefit the the area.  All the benefits currently bestowed on the community by Hollywood Park would increase.  

Please see our How You Can Help page for contact information for the City of Inglewood.  Please stress how the local community will benefit MORE by revitilizing Hollywood Park rather than tearing it down.  An increase in business at Hollywood Park will increase benefits to the local community.  People come to Southern California to see "Hollywood" and it's history.  Hollywood Park should capitalize on this.